“Mencintai seseorang bukanlah apa-apa. Dicintai seseorang adalah sesuatu. Dicintai oleh orang yang kau cintai sangatlah bererti. Tapi, dicintai oleh Sang Pencipta adalah segalanya.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Laughter with friends


        ● After LOVE topic, the second thing that absolutely important to me is having friends as our company, our life supporter. Without them, I'm dead. I'm so thankful to have such many friends and most of them are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! They know how to take care of our feelings. If they'd gone from my world, I think I'm going to be a loner, forever. 
           ● As the equation in the image above, I hope it's going to be true. Because not all friends can be trusted. Some of them would stab us back without we didn't even know about it. But I believe, all my friends won't betrayed me, right? :) 
           ● By the way, I want to mention that I miss my old friends especially when we were in elementary school. It was so fun and sweet memory I've ever had in my life. We were really hyper to do all kind things include playing under table. We didn't even care if we accidentally hit our head under the tables. I miss them. 
           ● "Bagai Kacang Lupakan Kulit". Oh No! Is that me? NO! I don't want be such of that person. Even though I have a LOT  of new friends, that doesn't mean I'm going to forget them all. Are you? 

 Friends never make assumptions about you. They never expect a reason to go out with you 
 In fact friends only expect you to be you